Forced gyno exams in rikers

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#1 Forced gyno exams in rikers

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Forced gyno exams in rikers

On June 6,Nechelle Pickett, 25, a resident of Brooklyn with no previous criminal record, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy to distribute fxams controlled substance. Pickett claims that at Rimers beginning of her stay at Rikers, Forced gyno exams in rikers she remained Forced gyno exams in rikers 43 Forced gyno exams in rikers while awaiting her pretrial, Girl strips on web cam was forced to undergo a gynecological exam. The exam included a Pap smear, a xeams exam with a speculum and a pregnancy test. The charges against Pickett were later dropped. On January 29, Pickett filed a lawsuit against the city of New York, the commissioner of the New York City Department of Corrections and the private healthcare companies the jail employs, alleging that in undergoing the exam with no knowledge of her right to give or deny consent, she was deprived of due process. Pickett pointed out that she has her own doctor in New York and that the doctor who administered the exam at Rikers was not one of her choosing. The exam was administered by physicians from Corizon, a private, for-profit contractor that provides healthcare to someinmates in correctional facilities nationwide. Rikers has contracted out its healthcare services to Corizon and its predecessors gikers This is not the first instance of byno invasive, unethical actions at Rikers Island coming under investigation. In Cardinale represented 10 women who claimed they had been coerced into undergoing gynecological exams. At the same time he also represented thousands of former Rikers inmates, men and women, who filed a class-action lawsuit alleging they had been illegally strip-searched during their time behind bars. The Department of Corrections also agreed to communicate to incarcerated women their right to refuse gynecological exams in prison in the future, ending...

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Forced gyno exams in rikers

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Jul 14, - The city for years had told every woman admitted to the Rikers Island jail that she had to undergo a pelvic exam, a Pap smear and a breast. Jan 30, - BROOKLYN (CN) – Rikers Island prison guards force incoming detainees to undergo gynecological exams or face isolation for refusing. Jul 15, - Before the lawsuit, every woman who went to Rikers Island jail was told that she had to get a pelvic exam, a Pap smear and a breast exam or.

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